How can you help?

There are a number of ways to support Strathcona’s NEW Community Hospital.


-Cash gifts-

Fund additional patient care equipment. 


-Memorial gifts-

To acknowledge the memory of a loved one.


-Tribute gifts-

To honour any special occasion. 


-Matching gifts-

From participating employers.



Including non-cash gifts such as securities, real estate, and tangible property. 


-Planned gifts-

For bequests made through your will, and special gifts through life insurance or charitable trusts. 


-Gifts of Securities-

donations for publicly traded securities is quick, easy, and has excellent tax benefits for the donor


Normally, when you sell a publicly traded security, you must pay tax on 50% of gains realized. However, when you donate a stock to a registered charity, the capital gains tax is eliminated and a charitable donation receipt will be issued. Securities can be easily transferred with the help of your financial institution.


Every donor is precious and priceless. Besides that warm feeling in your heart you get from supporting your new community hospital, we have a variety of options available to ensure your generosity is recognized.

Your generous donations have provided:

  • A procedure chair to enable clinical providers to move patients into various comfortable positions for assessment & treatment

  • An ECG Page Writer that simplifies and streamlines workflow

  • An Intubating Bronchoscope to assist in situations where there is difficulty with airways for patients

  • A Laryngoscope monitor to assist when an intubation is required for patients with difficulty breathing

  • A blanket warmer for improved patient comfort

  • Wheelchairs for portering patients, a portable ultrasound for improved diagnosis & treatment and specialized pediatric syringe pumps

  • Instruments within the Otology Clinic


  • The STCHF is undertaking a Capital Project the much needed expansion of the    “Therapy Room.” The Therapy Room accommodates antibiotic and non antibiotic infusions to support the community for iron infusions, therapeutic phlebotomy, Eclasta infusions, Blood and Blood product infusions and Central line care. The IV Therapy clinic is serving 600 patient visits a month and operates 7 days a week. The much needed expansion would enable the Hospital to serve more patients. Estimated cost $750,000

  • Purchase of a central monitor screen at a cost of $56,000. A central monitor screen can quickly identifying changes and complications in the patient’s condition.